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Watch Live: David Copperfield Civil Trial Day 9


[Watch the live feed in the player above this article when court begins at 9 a.m. PST / 12 p.m. EST]

Court continues Tuesday in the David Copperfield trial. Plaintiff Gavin Cox blames the magician (born David S. Kotin) for a slip and fall during a trick at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino back on November 12, 2013. That night, 13 audience members were randomly chosen to participate in a disappearing act called “Lucky 13.” Cox said he was one of them. They were rushed through a backstage area where, according to the plaintiff, he fell down because of dirt and debris, and sustained brain damage.

Copperfield and executive producer Chris Kenner said they weren’t aware of anyone besides Cox allegedly getting hurt during the trick, but a former personal assistant for the magician said she did recall a woman falling down in 2013.

Monday was a pretty big day for the case, as Cox testified. Describing himself as a huge magic and Copperfield fan, he told the court he was at the hotel to celebrate his 53rd birthday, and took the opportunity to see the illusionist perform. Testimony only lasted about 10 minutes before adjourning for the day.

Earlier, schoolteacher Amy Lawrence testified through video. She said she participated in the “Lucky 13” trick in June 2013. Lawrence claimed she was rushed through a dark area when she tripped (incidentally, after a man told her not to trip). She testified that backstage employees asked if she was fine, but she wasn’t asked to complete an incident report.

Copperfield took the stand last week. He is expected to testify again as early as Tuesday, but coverage of this might be spotty: a Nevada appeals court ruled that the public and media must be kicked out if attorneys ask him about his other tricks.

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