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Watch: ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Sentenced for Leaving Scene of Fatal Accident


Former “Bachelor” Chris Soules is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday in Buchanan County, Iowa. He pleaded guilty last year to illegally leaving the scene of an accident that took the life of Kenny Mosher, 66.

The defendant allegedly rear-ended a tractor that the victim had been driving, but he called 911, did CPR, stayed until paramedics arrived, but left before the cops came.

“I acknowledge I did not provide the registration number of the vehicle I was driving to 911 or law enforcement,” he said in a plea document obtained by The Associated Press.

Soules already faced a felony, but it was knocked down to an aggravated misdemeanor, punishable by up to two years in prison.

His lawyer Brandon Brown argued that his client and a witness didn’t see lights on Mosher’s tractor, as required by law. The defense tried to leverage blame for the crash toward the deceased.

“Mr. Soules found himself in an unavoidable accident,” Brown wrote, according to The Des Moines Register.

In any case, there’s going to be some additional tension leading up to the hearing. A judge denied on Friday a defense motion to delay court. They had said the prosecutors didn’t respond to their motion about a presentence investigation. Attorneys argued that they aren’t being given enough time to answer the state’s pending reply.

“A May 21st sentencing date does not allow adequate time for the State’s response, any necessary responsive action, and the Court’s consideration of Mr. Soules’ motion,” they wrote, according to the Register.

Soules became famous for his role on the reality TV show The Bachelorette. That appearance resulted in him leading a season of The Bachelor.

[Image via Buchanan County Sheriffs Office via Getty Images]

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