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‘I Was Laying There … Waiting to Die’: Wife of Slain Coast Guard Member Describes Shooting


A tearful Anna Trubnikova faced the man who allegedly shot her and killed her wife while she testified against him in  court on Tuesday. Trubnikova and her late wife Lisa were members of the U.S. Coast Guard in 2015 when Adrian Loya allegedly burst into their home on February 5 and opened fire on them.

Anna described how she and Lisa awoke on February 5 to noise in their home that Anna first thought was nothing, until she heard “stomping,” as if someone was approaching. Soon after, someone dressed in all dark clothing and a mask entered their bedroom, holding a rifle and shining a light in their faces, Anna said.

“There was a lot of shock and confusion,” Anna said, saying the person was shouting at them, while Lisa asked, “Who are you?” and “What do you want?” The person then yelled at them to get off the bed and separate, Anna said. “None of it made sense,” she testified, saying she did not immediately comply with the demands. The person then picked up Anna’s phone and threw it, she said.

The person eventually removed his mask and Lisa called out his name, Anna said, identifying the person in court as Adrian Loya. “This is what I’ve become because of you,” Loya allegedly said to Lisa, who asked why he was doing this. According to Anna, Loya never specified why he was doing any of this.

Trubnikova detailed every moment of the confrontation, as she recalled it, telling the court details about the moments when Loya shot her and her wife. She described feeling a numbness in her arm after being shot.

Right before Lisa died, Anna told her “I love you,” and Lisa responded “I love you too.”

Anna then detailed Lisa’s final moments.

“I kissed her lips, and I remember her lips going … limp, as if she got really weak, and right after that I heard a lot of gushing blood, gurgling almost, and she started choking, like a wet cough,” Anna said. “I, for myself, knew that she was dead at that point.”

“I was laying there after I figured she died, waiting to die,” Anna said, figuring she was next. Luckily for her, she survived the attack.

The defense has claimed that Loya suffers from mental illness, and should not be held responsible.

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