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Disturbing Videos Show Accused Sex Cult Leader Throwing One Woman to the Ground and Pinning Her, Interrogating Another Who Is Crying

Larry Ray throws and pins Felicia Rosario

Accused Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader Larry Ray can be seen throwing and pinning his alleged victim Felicia Rosario to the ground in a disturbing video released during his trial.

Accused Sarah Lawrence College sex cult leader Larry Ray can be seen throwing a young woman to the ground and pinning her, as she writhes, screams and tells him she wants to kill herself—in one of several disturbing videos released during his trial.


“No more!” the woman, Felicia Rosario, screams during the footage, which runs nearly 20 minutes in full. “Get off of me, Larry, please! Please get off of me!”

During three days on the witness stand, her brother Santos Rosario testified that Ray held a knife to his genitals, physically abused him and ordered him to have sex with two women. One was Claudia Drury, whom Ray allegedly forced into prostitution.

Santos Rosario told a jury that he introduced two of his sisters—Felicia and Yelitza Rosario, who is also seen restraining her sister in the tape—to Ray. Felicia Rosario, the woman seen in apparent agony in the footage, started “dating” Ray, her brother said.

For the past two days, Ray’s trial has been paused after the defendant had to be whisked out of court hours after his attorney said that he suffered a seizure. He has been charged with 17 federal crimes, including racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labor, money laundering and extortion. His daughter Talia Ray reportedly introduced her father to the Sarah Lawrence students, including Santos Rosario, whom she had dated. Prosecutors say that Ray used his access to the students to systematically exploit them physically, sexually and economically, getting them to pay him hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. The jury has examined photographs, videotapes, audio tapes, email exchanges and handwritten notes about Larry Ray’s alleged predation of the Rosario family.

In another video, Santos Rosario can be seen slapping himself repeatedly in the face in front of Felicia Rosario, taunting her to stop reacting. Ray can be heard offscreen, recording the encounter. Santos Rosario testified that he kept slapping himself at Ray’s urging for an hour.


After playing the footage, prosecutors showed Santos Rosario a photograph of his swollen face for identification.

Santos Rosario's swollen face

Prosecutors introduced this exhibit of Santos Rosario’s swollen face after he was seen slapping himself in front of his sister in a video.

“It’s a picture of my face after hitting myself for an hour,” he replied.

Prosecutors say that Ray coerced his victims into making false confessions about various infractions, including supposedly damaging his property, attempting to poison him and conspiring with his enemies. Long before Ray ever went to Sarah Lawrence, he was prosecuted for securities fraud and acted as an informant against former New York City Police Department Commissioner Bernie Kerik. Trial evidence show him interrogating his alleged victims about whether they acted as agents for Kerik’s payback.

In one interrogation video, Ray can be seen grilling Drury about allegedly damaging his website. Drury, who says Ray forced her into prostitution, cries throughout the question. Ray appears to be recording it and can be heard threatening to post it for her friends to see on Facebook.


“When’s the last time you damaged something?” Ray asks Drury in the video.

“Like, the day before yes— Well, today,” she replies.

Prosecutors say that Ray extracted false confessions to make his alleged victims feel indebted to him. They claim that Ray made “millions” from sex trafficking Drury.

Unless further delayed by Ray’s medical issues, trial is expected to resume on Friday.

(Photos and videos via DOJ)

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