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‘Devil in the Dorm:’ Episode 4, Confessions, is released on Wondery+

Larry Ray over blue

Larry Ray in a Sarah Lawrence College T-shirt.

A new episode of Law&Crime Network’s ‘Devil in the Dorm’ was released exclusively on Wondery+ Monday.

Episode 4, titled Confessions, exposes the way Larry Ray not only stole his victims’ senses of self, but their money, too.

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When Larry and his victims return back to New York from doing manual labor at his step-father’s house in North Carolina, he convinces Claudia that she poisoned him, broke his tools and colluded with his enemies. And because of all of her supposed wrongdoings — she owed him.

Claudia testified in court that she was forced into sex work for over four years to make money. She worked seven days a week, pleasured up to five men a day, and never took a day off.

Some weeks, she made $50,000, earning $2.5 million over nearly five years. Once Larry figured out how much money she was pocketing, he pounced — taking every single penny.

Larry Ray at the Pierre Hotel with cash

Larry Ray sports a robe from the Pierre Hotel on the left. Prosecutors found this photograph of cash among the image files seized in his case.

On the outside, it looked like Claudia was living an extravagant life. She had high-end clients who put her up in luxurious hotels and paid for her meals. She testified in court that she had a client list — which ended up getting leaked to the media — including some of New York City’s most wealthy and powerful, such as an executive behind the city’s transit system, an account executive at Amazon and a former New York State Supreme Court judge.

But, all of the money Claudia made from 2015 to 2019 was given to Larry Ray.

So, how did Larry get the money? Did he have to hide it? What did he spend it on?

All these answers and more on Episode 4 — Confessions — of Law&Crime Network’s ‘Devil in the Dorm.’

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