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Prosecutors Detail Explicit Encounter Between Robert Kraft and Spa Worker


Prosecutors in Florida their detailed specific allegations against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Monday.

In court documents, they claim he visited a spa on January 20–the day of his team’s AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs–and paid cash to a woman at the front desk. He was then allegedly escorted to a room, where he hugged the woman. Next, he allegedly took off his clothing, and laid face up on a massage table. They hugged again, and then the woman began “touching and rubbing” his private parts, and “put her head down by his penis” for several minutes, prosecutors said. All this was allegedly caught on video.

Kraft allegedly also entered the business the day before, on January 19.

Prosecutors in Florida held a press conference on Monday to discuss the new allegations against Kraft and 24 men accused of soliciting prostitution at local spas. Kraft was charged on two counts.

Two women allegedly ran a prostitution ring, authorities said. Victims were allegedly manipulated into prostitution and held as virtual prisoners.

For now, the National Football League is adopting a wait-and-see attitude.

Law&Crime previously took a look at the possible ramifications on Kraft’s career. A guilty verdict could harm his standing in the NFL, but it may not be very severe, based on the League’s prior handling of misconduct among players regarding issues like domestic abuse. Then again:

Arrest documents are expected to be released at the press conference.

Note: This article was updated to reflect information from the press conference, and more information regarding Kraft’s possible future in the NFL.

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