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Gloria Allred Battles CNN Host Over Why She Won’t Have Roy Moore Signature Authenticated


Gloria Allred aappeared on CNN Tuesday morning to discuss her client Beverly Nelson‘s allegation that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager. A key piece of physical evidence that Nelson has shown the public is her high school yearbook, which she says Moore signed on the day of the alleged assault. While the signature appears to be a match, Moore continues to deny its authenticity, leading to requests for Allred to have an independent analysis of the yearbook to determine whether it was truly signed by Moore.

Despite the election being just two weeks away, Allred continues to refuse to have the yearbook studied outside of the context of a Senate committee hearing. Despite Moore not currently—and possibly not ever—being a U.S. Senator, Allred insisted on Tuesday that a hearing could still happen.

“I have spoken to a former United States Senator, and on Sunday to a former very key member of the Republican Congress,” Allred said, “both of whom said ‘You’re absolutely right, Gloria.’ If the committees wanted to have a hearing now, even before he’s elected or even if he’s never elected but he’s a candidate, they could do so. It’s politics. ”

Allred said that if such a hearing would take place, Nelson herself would also be willing to testify under oath, but she would also want Moore to testify. She pointed out alleged false statements from Moore and his supporters, and that she wants Moore to give sworn testimony.

One such statement was from Moore himself, saying that Nelson appeared before him while he was a judge and she was in the middle of a divorce. Allred said this is false.

“In a letter to Sean Hannity, he said our client Beverly Nelson ‘appeared before me,'” Allred said. “Since he said that, her Alabama divorce attorney at the time said publicly, and to me, that she never appeared before Roy Moore because the parties reconciled.”

Allred also noted that some of Moore’s defenders claimed that the restaurant where Nelson said she worked, and where she met Moore never even existed, despite reports and statements proving otherwise.

Host Alisyn Camerota pressed Allred on the issue, however, pointing out that as the election gets closer and closer, with no hearing in sight, it would be valuable to voters to see the yearbook signature authenticated. Allred agreed that it would be valuable, but held firm to her desire to have a hearing where Moore could be questioned under oath.

“If he is elected, clearly the Senate Select Committee on Ethics will hold a hearing. At that point there will be testimony, not just from my client, but I expect from other accusers as well.”

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