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Thinking of Moving to Canada? Here’s How


canadian-flag via ShutterstockEvery election, plenty of Americans threaten to move to Canada if their candidate loses. Well, apparently enough people are serious enough about it this year that the Canadian immigration website keeps crashing. Really.

Never fear, wannabe Canucks, we’ve got you covered.

First, you can head over there right away if you have a passport. Many foreign nationals have to get an electronic Travel Authorization to enter the country, but U.S. citizens are exempt. Most visitors can stay in Canada for up to six months before they need a visa. After that you have to figure out which type of visa is best for you. USA Today lists examples such as skilled workers and professionals, investors and entrepreneurs, etc.

As far as permanent residency, the Canadian immigration site (when it’s up and running), has a series of questions to determine your eligibility, that focus on age, language ability, education, work experience, any job offer that might be awaiting, and other criteria.┬áSkilled workers can apply for express entry.

Once you’re a permanent resident of Canada, you can apply for citizenship after living in the country for four out of the last six years before applying.

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