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Son Says He Discovered His Mother’s Skull Two Decades After Her Murder


[Warning: The video above includes imagery of human remains.]

Aaron Fraser testified Tuesday that he discovered the remains of his mother Bonnie Haim in 2014, while digging in a yard belonging to his father Michael Haim.

Fraser said he planned on selling the residence, and while preparing for the sale, he set about removing the pool and an outdoor shower. Fraser said he discovered a bag under the shower. In it was something he described as something like a “brown coconut” that turned out to be the top portion of his mother’s skull.

Michael Haim stands trial in Duval County, Florida for Bonnie’s murder.  The victim disappeared in 1993, but cops didn’t find a body.

Michael Haim’s uncle said he didn’t expect her to leave her son Aaron, then age 3. He actually said he suspected his nephew of playing a part in this.

Brenda Medders said she interviewed Aaron at the time as a child protective services worker, and he said his father hurt his mother, according to The Florida Times-Union. The defense cast doubt on Medders’ testimony, saying she didn’t follow proper practices to establish the actual timeline of the alleged attack, and if Aaron knew the difference fact and fiction.

Fraser testified that he had no memory of his mother.

This family has been broken for decades. Aaron was adopted after Bonnie Haim’s disappearance. His last name was changed from Haim to Fraser, but he didn’t let things go. He won a wrongful death lawsuit against his father in 2005, and got the house as part of the judgment.

The defense suggested that someone else may have put the body there after police investigated. Prosecutors said cops didn’t bring dogs to smell for remains.

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