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Shia LaBeouf Arrested After Allegedly Hitting Man Who Made ‘Hitler’ Comment at Trump Protest


Actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in New York City early Thursday morning after an altercation that took place during a live streaming anti-Trump protest. LaBeouf has a camera set up outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens that has been streaming since Inauguration Day.  The camera has captured visitors, along with LaBeouf chanting, “He will not divide us.” The protest/performance art is reportedly planned to continue for the next four years.

According to The Jerusalem Post, things got out of hand when someone yelled, “Hitler did nothing wrong,” and LaBeouf, who is Jewish, allegedly retaliated by pulling the man’s scarf, pushing him, and scratching his face. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the actor.

A few hours later, however, LaBeouf was released and returned to his post in front of the camera, where he was greeted enthusiastic cheers while he continued chanting, “He will not divide us.”

[Image via TMZ screengrab]

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