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Roger Stone Begs for Legal Assistance Because ‘Deep State’ Mueller Is About to ‘Frame’ Him


Political Consultant to President Donald Trump

Former Trump advisor and political operative Roger Stone‘s version of calm before the storm appears to be panic.

Stone sent out an email to supporters on Monday asking for legal aid in advance of a supposed frame-job by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, an agent of the “deep state.”

Stone actually used the word “frame” in a text and believes he will soon be indicted by the Special Counsel, the Guardian reported.

“Robert Mueller is coming for me,” Stone said. He claimed to be on a “hit list” and later said in a text that Mueller “may frame [him] for some bogus charge.”

Why? “In order to silence me or induce me to testify against the president.”

None of this comes as a surprise, considering the number of people associated with Stone who have either been interviewed by the Mueller’ office or been forced into testifying before a grand jury by subpoena.

Former Stone aide Andrew Miller has taken things further by ignoring a subpoena just so he could be held in contempt and appeal Mueller’s authority a second time through that contempt appeal.

In recent days, the so-called “Manhattan Madam,” Kristin Davis, another former aide to Stone, agreed to a voluntary interview.

Then there’s Randy Credico, a radio host/comedian acquaintance of Stone’s, who Stone reportedly asked to contact WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

He, too, has been subpoenaed by Mueller and reportedly plans to comply.

One thing Mueller was reportedly looking into regarding Stone was “threatening emails.” It remains to be seen what, if anything, Mueller really has on Stone.

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