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Paul Manafort Once Appeared on a Nickelodeon Game Show, and It Was Really Important


Paul Manafort’s life has changed a lot since the ’90s. It’s safe to say that this is true for many people. Most people, however, don’t go on to work as campaign manager for a future president of the United States, only to end up convicted of federal crimes in two jurisdictions; most people don’t then get brought up on state charges¬†out of fears that the president might consider a pardon.

On a lighter note, Manafort’s wife Kathleen Manafort, was once a contestant on the throwback Nickelodeon game show, What Would You Do?

The contestants were weighing their purses and were told that the person with the heaviest purse would get a “little prize.” That prize ended up being pies in the face. Kathleen Manafort’s purse was the lighter one and so she did not get pies thrown at her face. Paul Manafort watched all of this unfold from the crowd.

The camera panned to him twice, and the results were pretty important.

Among the contents of her purse was her husband’s wallet, which, as the show host noted, was full of credit cards. There were gold, platinum and corporate American Express cards, nine Visa cards, and an AT&T card. His existence on the show lasted for around 16 seconds.

The relevant part of the video begins around the 4:34 mark. You can watch that above.

What Would You Do? was hosted by Marc Summers and aired from 1991-1993.

Big h/t to Samuel Hammond

[Image via YouTube screengrab]

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