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Massachusetts Man Allegedly Stabbed Tow Truck Driver Who Fatally Ran Over His Mother


A Massachusetts man was arraigned Thursday after he allegedly stabbed the tow truck driver who fatally ran over his mother. Philip Horner, 38, pleaded not guilty in a Waltham District Court to charges including armed assault with intent to murder, according to CBS Boston.

Cell phone video posted by WCVB reporter David Bienick apparently shows the moments before the stabbing. A man in a grey shirt (allegedly Horner) appears to pull out a knife with his right hand when the footage cuts out.

According to court documents, the defendant was screaming to cops that the driver ran over “my mother.” He had stabbed the victim, identified as 60-year-old Thomas Fogerty multiple times.

“I didn’t see anything, come on man,” Fogerty allegedly said.

In one wound, Horner struck him in the back, and “twisted with force,” police said.

“He jumped in the truck, the cabin, and started stabbing and stabbing and stabbing him,” witness Zeidan Taha told CBS. “And the driver, you know, opened the door and threw him to the floor. And then the driver went down, and then he kept chasing him, chasing him, and stabbing him, stabbing him.”

The defendant’s mother Benita Horner died at the scene. She was 68. Neighbor Anna Pizzutto told NBC 10 Boston that Benita discussed seeking help for Philip’s mental health problems.

That will likely be key to how this case plays out. Horner was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

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