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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Hints that President Trump Is an ‘Unsuccessful Psychopath’


Kellyanne Conway‘s attorney husband George capped off an early Friday Twitter spree by all but saying that his wife’s employer, President Donald Trump, is an “unsuccessful psychopath.”

Conway began by commenting on the president’s negotiating skills, tacking on the word “Narcissist” to the The Art of the Deal.

“Ah, yes. How many times have we seen this now? Undercut and contradict your representatives so no one will deal with them. Nothing gets accomplished, but at least you remain the center of focus, because that’s the only thing that matters,” he said. It got worse.

Conway dinged Trump for his susceptibility to flattery in the context of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and the prospect of denuclearization. Then came the uppercut:

Conway, still meditating on narcissism, shared a quote from a Psychology Today article that is unmistakably aimed at his wife’s employer: “Researchers found that … the key difference between unsuccessful and successful psychopaths is that the former behave impulsively and irresponsibly, whereas the latter are able to inhibit or at least restrain destructive tendencies and build on their achievements.”

Most recently, George Conway criticized Trump after James Mattis suddenly resigned as Secretary of Defense. At the time, he said Mattis’ resignation letter “speaks volumes” since he did not utter “a word of praise for Trump.”

“Not a word of praise for Trump. Speaks volumes,” he said. “No pro forma ‘it has been a privilege to have worked with you to [something],’ or formulaic ‘I am proud that we were able to [fill in here]’—or even the usually obligatory ‘thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve,’” he continued.

“The nicest line: ‘Dear Mr. President,'” he said.

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