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Harvard Prof: If Trump’s Involved in Releasing Nunes Memo, it ‘Must Be’ to Obstruct Justice


House Republicans are gearing up to release a memo from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) based on classified information that deals with FBI surveillance, and Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe is certain that they’re up to no good. A recent report hinted that part of the memo deals with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signing off on the continued surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, with Republicans claiming that Rosenstein was complicit with what they believe to be an illicit operation, based on unverified claims in a Russian dossier. Tribe believes that if President Donald Trump is working with House Republicans in getting the memo out in the open, it can only be for one reason: to commit obstruction of justice.

This is far from the first time Tribe has accused Trump of an impeachable offense. As it stands, neither Tribe nor anyone else in the public knows just what is in the Nunes memo, so his certainty may be a bit premature. We’ll have to wait to learn what comes out from the memo and how President Trump reacts to it. If Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller end up out of jobs as a result, Tribe could be right, but time will tell.

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