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Guess What Happens When Alleged Burglar Crosses Pro Fighter (WATCH)


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MMA fighter and tattoo parlor owner Sergio Hernandez Jr. said he found a burglar on his and his father’s property. This went as well as could be expected. Sergio Jr. said he confronted the man in the backyard of his home Monday morning, according to The San Diego Tribune. Under questioning, the individual claimed he was running from a dog, but Hernandez noticed the window and screen to his father’s bedroom had been removed, Hernandez said.

The man allegedly jumped over a fence, but Jr., who has four professional fights on record, caught up to him, and attempted to get him to talk about this with his father, Sergio Hernandez Sr. Dad, who claimed the burglar ransacked three rooms in the home, wanted the man arrested. The individual allegedly tried to flee, but Jr. wouldn’t have it. He put him in a triangle choke hold, legs wrapped around the man’s neck and left arm.

“Don’t fucking move,” says Jr. in the video.

“I’m not,” says the suspect.

“Or I’ll put you to sleep, dog,” says Jr. “Either that or I’m going to break your fucking arm if you try to move.”

Hernandez told KGTV the triangle choke cuts off the blood circulation to a person’s brain, resulting in the individual passing out.

“Deep down in my heart, I guess I kind of wanted to break the dude’s arm, but at the same time, I don’t get a kick out of inflicting pain on people,” he said.

Hernandez held the man until cops showed up without choking him unconscious or breaking his arm.

The San Diego Police Department confirmed that they arrested Fernando Plascenia, 21, for the alleged burglary, according to The Sacramento Bee.

[Screengrab via Sergio Herndandez’s Instagram page. The video was reportedly taken by a neighbor.]

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