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Garland Confirmation Process Submitted to Guinness As Longest SCOTUS Delay Ever


Merrick_Garland via D.C. Circuit official portraitNARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation submitted a letter to Guinness World Records to “certify Senate Republicans as world record holders for the longest delay of a U.S. Supreme Court confirmation in history.” Despite the political posturing, it is true that Garland’s confirmation process has now become the longest in U.S. history!  It took exactly 100 years for Garland to break the record. The previous record holder, Louis Brandeis, sat through a one hundred twenty-five day waiting period and 19 days of hearings by a special Senate subcommittee before he was confirmed.  Today marks Garland’s 126th day!

And, if Republicans hold to their word and wait until after the election to take any action, Garland will likely hold the Guinness World Record for quite sometime if he’s not replaced all together by a potential President Trump. So where does Merrick Garland stand in the confirmation process? We did a very thorough article detailing this a couple of weeks ago. At last count, it appears at least 16 Republican Senators have at least met with Judge Garland.

President Obama nominated Garland shortly after Justice Scalia’s death in February. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee met with Garland for over an hour, but said it was only to inform him that there will be no hearings, and his nomination is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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