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Fox News Panelists Admit Robert Mueller Might Be on to Something


Several panelists on the Fox News Channel on Monday acknowledged that special counsel Robert Mueller just might be on to something when it comes to President Donald Trump.

Pro-Trump guest Matt Schlapp breathed his typical fire and waxed poetic about the alleged witch hunt being conducted by Mueller when pressed by co-host Marie Harf about alleged WikiLeaks connections between Trump’s 2016 campaign and other high-profile figures in Trump’s orbit. Par for the course, but it didn’t really seem like the panel was all the way with Schlapp this time around.

After Schlapp gave his lines, Harf appeared to shrug him off, noting, “I agree. I want to actually see all of Mueller’s cards. We’re in agreement on that.”

Harf, a former communications advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry, also made pains to point out that the alleged WikiLeaks connections–if true–would be “kind of a big deal.”

Outnumbered co-hosts Harris Faulkner and former MTV VJ Kennedy then offered their own appraisal of the situation–in light of the “checkered pasts” of known Trump associates like political dirty-trickster Roger Stone and birther conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

“The biggest question I think, that is still out there still has to do with what the president knew and when he knew it,” Faulkner said. “You have so many shady questions–shady people rather–where these questions are involved, that it’s kind of hard to know where you are. So, we have to wait and see what he’s pieced together.”

Kennedy then took the speculation just a tad bit further:

There might be something there. There absolutely might be something there. We don’t know what Mueller has–he might have something. Things are starting to seem a little weird.

[image via screengrab/Fox News Channel]

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