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Fox News Anchor Goes on Tirade, Accusing Clinton of Pretty Much Every Crime Imaginable


Last night, Sean Hannity and his guests discussed possible crimes involving Russia and American politicians, as well as obstruction of justice. Not President Trump‘s possible Russia ties or obstruction, but Hillary Clinton‘s. Specifically, the show tackled reports that Clinton had approved the sale of uranium to Russian-owned company Uranium One while she was Secretary of State. The chairman of Uranium One was reportedly a big Clinton Foundation donor, which sparked concerns of pay-to-play during last year’s election season.

One of Hannity’s guests was Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett, who railed against Clinton for this, as well as new information recently released by the FBI regarding their investigation of the Democratic presidential candidate. Jarrett, an attorney, pulled no punches, leveling some strong accusations against Clinton.

“It is a crime, a felony, to use your public office to confer a benefit on a foreign government in exchange for money. It’s called fraud and bribery. It’s an Emoluments Clause violation, public corruption, it’s also arguably racketeering to use a business as a receptacle for illegal money. All of those are crimes.”

Jarrett called for the Justice Department to resume investigating Clinton for these alleged offenses.

Later in the program, Jarrett railed against Clinton’s response to the investigation of her private email system. He specifically referred to the failure of Clinton and her aides to turn over devices, as well as the reported physical destruction of phones. “Failure to cooperate and comply with an FBI request and destroying things, that’s obstruction of justice,” Jarrett said.

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