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Exclusive: Cop Involved in Forced Vaginal Probe of Student Ratted Out Colleagues, Lawyer Says


The attorney for Charneshia Corley, the Texas college student who was subjected to a vaginal search in a parking lot by deputies two years ago, revealed details regarding the criminal cases against the officers, which were all dropped by prosecutors. Sam Cammack discussed the matter in an interview on the LawNewz Network that went into what happened before charges were dismissed.

Video of search:

Cammack said that the female deputy who performed the search cut a deal to testify against the other two deputies, and as a result never faced charges.

“She cut a deal with the DA not to get indicted in order to tell on the other two officers,” Cammack said. “It’s disgusting,” he said about how prosecutors “manipulated” the case this way, because he believes the grand jury did not get all of the necessary information in the case.

The other two deputies did face charges, only to have them dismissed the day before the case was supposed to go to trial. Cammack remains stumped as to why this happened. Prosecutors only officially cited “new evidence” for why they moved to have the case tossed. “At the end of the day … I believe this District Attorney did a favor for somebody,” he said.

Cammack and Corley still have an ongoing civil rights lawsuit against Harris County, and are hoping to achieve justice through that case, if they can’t succeed within the criminal justice system. In the meantime, Cammack is pushing for a special prosecutor to step in from another county and bring new charges against the deputies.


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