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Eric Holder Sends Out Bizarre, Cryptic 3 a.m. Tweet


Former Attorney General Eric Holder posted a mysterious comment on Twitter very early Friday morning, addressing members of the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI.

The tweet raised questions of exactly what Holder meant, as well as why he was even on Twitter after 3 am in the first place. Holder didn’t follow up on the tweet or offer any explanation, but it seems to indicate that the men and women who work at the DOJ will be facing scrutiny that may not be deserved.

While hardly a stranger to Twitter, ex-AG doesn’t tweet as often as other political figures, with his last post being several days before this cryptic quote.

One could assume that Holder was referring to the ongoing DOJ investigation of Russian connections to President Donald Trump‘s campaign and the White House’s criticism of the probe’s leadership. Of course, the controversy between the investigation and the Executive Branch is hardly breaking news, so if Holder’s tweet was referring to this, it begs the question why he felt the need to say something now.

Perhaps Holder knows something we don’t? It’s possible, as he could certainly have sources from within the DOJ that could theoretically tip him off. Right now all we can do is speculate, since Holder hasn’t said anything since.

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