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‘Enough’: Women in Politics Issue Letter Calling Out Workplace ‘Harassment and Abuse’


More than 140 women involved in California politics, from lawmakers to lobbyists, staffers to consultants, signed a letter published by the Los Angeles Times addressing workplace sexual harassment and abuse that they have dealt with in their careers. This comes in the wake of allegations of similar conduct against Harvey Weinstein, and a social media campaign where women who have faced similar situations have shown solidarity and the pervasiveness of the problem by saying, “Me too.”

“No matter a woman’s age, weight, religion, sexual orientation, race, social status, or position of power,” the letter says, “she is not insulated from this behavior. It is pervasive.


Even in positions of power, the women explain, they have faced groping, insults, and threats. Many of them remained silent, the letter says, out of fear that they were “somehow at fault for
our own harassment and abuse,” or due to concern of retaliation. A list of names five pages long aims to break that silence, and the women encourage others like them to do the same.

“Speak up, speak loud, and know there is a community of people who will support you.”

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