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Did President Trump Just Forget That Jeff Sessions Recused Himself from Russia Investigation?


President Donald Trump has blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions over and over for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, but now he’s acting like Sessions never did anything of the sort. In a tweet Wednesday morning, the president blasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe, and called on Sessions to do something about it.

Trump called the state of the investigation “a terrible situation,” and said the Attorney General “should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further.”

Of course, Sessions can’t do this, since he recused himself from the investigation altogether due to his own ties to the Trump campaign and his desire to avoid the appearance of any conflicts of interest. Trump reportedly asked Sessions to reverse his own recusal back in March 2017, but Sessions refused. The New York Times reported that Mueller was looking into that very conversation for possible evidence that Trump tried to obstruct justice.

The only one who can pull the plug on Robert Mueller right now is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Sessions reportedly said that if Trump fired Rosenstein, he’d consider resigning. With both of them gone, though, Trump could hope that his next Attorney General would be willing to give Mueller the axe.

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