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Dershowitz: Defense of Ivanka’s Private Email Is ‘Hypocrisy on Parade’ (WATCH)


Ivanka Trump and her legal team are defending her reported use of a private email address with government-related materials, but Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and frequent Donald Trump defender Alan Dershowitz isn’t impressed.

“It’s hypocrisy on parade,” Dershowitz told Fox News on Tuesday, noting how President Trump and fellow Republicans railed on Hillary Clinton for her use of private email to conduct government business.

At the same time, Dershowitz said that Ivanka’s private email use wan’t a big deal and there’s no reason for people to be going nuts about it in the first place.

“Look, everybody uses private emails. We now have a list of probably a dozen people in public life who have used emails. Apparently Ivanka Trump used the emails only for scheduling purposes, there was no classified material, the emails were all preserved. It’s a non-issue.”

While Ivanka Trump’s use of private email does not appear to have been as elaborate or extensive as Hillary Clinton’s, Dershowitz said that neither one amounted to anything significant, and that criticism from each side is “just partisan bickering.”

“We should not be criminalizing the use of private emails, whether by Hillary Clinton or by Ivanka Trump, and we should put that issue behind us,” Dershowitz said.

Another issue Dershowitz said was overblown in the same segment is the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General and the lawsuit filed by Democratic Senators. Dershowitz noted that the president has the authority to appoint an interim AG and that if a Democratic president had done this, there would be no uproar. Dershowitz did acknowledge that if Whitaker were to remain in this position for an extended time, or if he took drastic action while in office, that might be another story.

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