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‘She’s in it for the Money’: Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Unloads on Stormy Daniels, Demands 20M in Damages


Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen had another one of his attorneys in action on Monday morning, this time on “Good Morning America,” to defend himself against accusations that he was behind the alleged 2011 threatening of Stormy Daniels in Las Vegas.

David Schwartz, following the cease and desist letter sent by Cohen attorney Brent Blakely to Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti, said the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night had “lying … all over” and is all about money.

“The lying is all over that piece. We don’t have to go further than the piece to see the lying, the inconsistencies, the fact that she said nothing happened and now she says something happened,” Schwartz told George Stephanopoulos. “She’s in it for the money. And Michael Avenatti is in it for all the press and money also.”

Schwartz also said that his client “will not rest until he recovers every single penny of damages, and it could be 20 million dollars.”

The aforementioned cease and desist letter called for Avenatti and Daniels to stop making “further false and defamatory statements” about Schwartz’s client Michael Cohen, and to apologize for what was said on 60 Minutes.

Not only did Avenatti not apologize, he had already ignored the letter when he tweeted that threats were Cohen’s “modus operandi,”and already said “We’re just getting started” on revealing “a whole host of evidence” that Cohen was involved in silencing and threatening Stormy Daniels.

He also tripled down by calling Cohen “thuggish” and sharing a 2015 Daily Beast article to support that claim.

Presumably, the 20 million in damages Schwartz is referring to will only rise as “further false and defamatory statements” multiply.

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