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Cops Use Instagram to Track Down Teen Suspected of School Shooting Hoax


Detectives in Florida used social media to track down a 16-year-old student who was allegedly behind at least one recent fake threat against a school. Authorities investigating the threats discovered an Instagram post that said, “guys sry (sorry) i didn’t make it by 11 i gotchu tomorrow 4/21 school shooting tell everyone,” and traced the account to a student at Atlantic High School in Port Orange, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced.

The Sheriff’s Office said the teen admitted to being behind one of the hoaxes that targeted several local schools. Officials are still investigating the others.

The teen was put on home detention before a court appearance scheduled for Friday morning. He is facing a charge of making a false report of a school shooting

“It’s not cute, it’s not clever, and if we identify the individuals responsible for any of these threats, they aren’t going to like the consequences,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. “We’ve all had enough. To anyone contemplating risking his or her future by threatening a school and catching a felony, I’d suggest finding other pursuits.”

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