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47 Rounds Were Fired in Absolutely Wild Shootout Between State Troopers and Suspect (VIDEO)


Warning: This video is disturbing.

This is the video prosecutors used to convict Daniel K. Clary of attempting to murder two Pennsylvania law enforcement officers. Footage was released over a month after jurors reached a guilty verdict in the case. The Morning Call had sued, saying that prosecutors wouldn’t release the footage even though it was played in court.

Now it’s public. Footage shows Cpl. Seth Kelly and Trooper Ryan Seiple performing a traffic stop on a driver identified as Clary. He was suspected of a DUI. One officer told him to place his hands behind his back. A struggle ensued. The officers tried to restrain him, and he ended up getting tasered.

Clary can be heard screaming as the officers pull him onto the side of the road. He was told to get on his back. The struggle continued, with officers appearing to strike him.

The suspect then ran around the front of his car, pulled out a gun from the vehicle, and opened fire. Bullets struck the officer identified as Kelly. Prosecutors said the corporal sustained several gunshot wounds, and a bullet even served a femoral artery. It almost killed him, authorities said.

Seiple could be seen briefly firing back before Clary ducks into his vehicle. The trooper then rolled over the guardrail for more cover.

The video ends with the suspect leaving the scene.

Northampton County First Deputy District Attorney Terence Houck said Kelly and Seiple approved the release of the video.

“Our concerns have always been the victims, the state troopers in this matter, protecting them,” he said, according to the Call. “But after speaking with them, they wanted it released, as did I.”

Cpl. Kevin Selverian testified to the jury that Clary fired six bullets, Kelly 21, and Seiple 20. A total of 47 rounds.

Clary’s defense tried and failed to convince the jury he acted in self-defense and that he was worried about being shot by police. The defendant survived a bullet to the head.

[Screengrab via Northampton County]

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