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‘You’re a F***ing Idiot’: Caretaker Repeatedly Hit 88-Year-Old Man, Deputies Say (VIDEO)


[Warning: Video is disturbing]

Disturbing video shows a younger person cursing out, and repeatedly hitting a much older man. Hillsborough County deputies identified the assailant as Jonah Delgado, 19. The victim is described as an 88-year-old who needed full-time aid for basic needs.

“The actions of this man are deplorable, unacceptable and disturbing,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “Delgado was trusted to take care of this man and to protect him. He not only broke this trust but put this man in direct danger with his actions. I am very proud of our detectives who worked quickly to get this man in custody before he could hurt anyone else.”

The footage above showed the suspect (identified as Delgado) leading the older man to the side of a bed.

“Walk,” he said. “Walk. Walk.” The suspect then slapped the older man. He threw him to the bed, and then struck him again.

“Get up!” The suspect said, and tried to sit up the older man. He repeatedly slapped him again. “Open up your arms! Thank you.”

The older man stood but apparently wobbled. “I’m going to let you fall,” the suspect said, cursing him out. He sat him down in a wheelchair, then slapped him twice, and hit him another time.

[Warning: Video is disturbing]

More footage showed much of the same: The suspect repeatedly slapping the older man.

“You’re a fucking idiot,” the suspect said. “Like, really, how stupid are you?”

Hillsborough deputies said this was home surveillance footage was from Wednesday. They had help from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, and arrested Delgado around midnight.

The 88-year-old is described as being fine, and had not sustained serious injuries. The defendant is charged with abuse of elderly or disabled adult, and battery. Delago remains at the Pasco County jail on $4,000 bond as of Sunday. It is unclear if he has an attorney in this matter.

[Mugshot via Pasco Sheriff’s Office]

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