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‘You Want to Be Violent?’: Trump Supporter Punched Phone Out of Photojournalist’s Hand, CBS Affiliate Says


As seen on video, a man punched the phone out of the hand of a person who was recording him. Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO said that this individual was a Trump supporter, and he was attacking their photojournalist Dymanh Chhoun. This happened on Wednesday before President Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a rally in Duluth.

“You guys want to be peaceful?” said the older man. “Be peaceful. You want to be violent? Come to me, and I’ll–” He then wound up, and struck the camera.

As seen on video, the phone–which had been recording the incident–was picked up again. Another older man with a beard and baseball cap approached the person recording the video; he stopped and held up a Trump campaign sign to cover up his face.

Chhoun had been gathering footage, WCCO said. They described the Trump supporter as confronting supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Chhoun identified himself as a member of the media recording the incident in a public space, WCCO said, adding that the group involved backed off.

WCCO said the attack was reported to police. Law enforcement said they are investigating.

“On 9/30/2020 shortly before 6:00 PM, Duluth police officers took the report of a disturbance in the area of Airport Road and Venture Ave in Duluth, MN,” cops said in a news release to Law&Crime. “A male reported that while recording footage on his phone for a news report, another male hit the phone out of the reporting party’s hand. The male who hit the phone left without incident several minutes before this event was reported to officers. There were no injuries or property damage reported in connection with this incident and no citations issued at this time. The Duluth Police Department is investigating this case. If you have any information, please report it by calling 218-730-5020.”

WCCO assignment editor Guy Still said in a Twitter thread that Chhoun is often the first to volunteer for breaking news or chaotic situations.

“He does this not for glory or notoriety, but out of a sense of duty and a commitment to share the stories which are challenging to cover,” he said.

Update – October 1, 1:00 p.m.: We added a new statement from Duluth police.

[Screengrab via Chhoun / WCCO]

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