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Woman Sentenced to 6 Years Behind Bars After Admittedly Stabbing Twin Sister to Death


Amanda Ramirez, 27, was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison after she admitted to stabbing her twin Anna Ramirez to death, according to In a statement at the Superior Court in Camden, she insisted she never intended on killing her sister. Ramirez said she would take back what happened if she could.

“Having to live with the fact that she’s no longer alive is devastating,” she said. “I just want to apologize to my family for putting them through this. I hope that they all can forgive me.”

Ramirez pleaded guilty to manslaughter Sept. 5. She admitted she was out heavily drinking with her sister and another person into the early hours of June 22.

They were outside their house when Amanda Ramirez started fighting Anna, and stabbed her sister once in the chest, she said. The defendant admitted to putting the knife down, while the other person took it away. Amanda Ramirez waited with her dying sister as police arrived at the scene, according to the facts she admitted to in court.

The defendant said she didn’t remember what the confrontation was about because she had been drinking so much, but she did remember she had been fighting her sister.

At a bond hearing in June 27, Assistant Prosecutor Peter Gallagher told the court that police found Anna Ramirez at the scene with blood on the left side of her chest. The victim was pronounced dead at a hospital. A witness said that the dying victim said “Amanda, you stabbed me,” according to details released at the hearing.

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