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Wild Video Shows Suspects Crash Truck into Gas Station, Drive Off with ATM Attached (WATCH)


Surveillance video from a California gas station captured a destructive and daring heist, when a truck plowed through the station’s glass door and windows and suspects made off with and ATM. Authorities said it was the second such theft in the neighborhood in the span of minutes, the Sacramento Bee reported.

It all started down around 4:00 a.m. on Thursday, when a red truck smashed through the windows of a liquor store, but metal bar reinforcement kept suspects from getting inside and stealing anything. Soon after, a gas station half a mile away wasn’t so lucky, Sgt. Shaun Hampton of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department told the Bee.

“They were able to hook a strap to the ATM machine and successfully pull it from its pedestal,” Hampton said of the suspects.

Footage from the gas station shows a red flatbed truck backing through the storefront, glass shattering all over the place. Two masked individuals can then be seen clearing some debris, with one of them placing some sort of harness around the station’s ATM. Soon after, the truck drives off, easily yanking the machine from the floor and into the parking lot.

Additional footage then shows the truck pulling up near the gas pumps, with the ATM dragging along. Three individuals, one being the driver, then hoist the machine onto the back of the truck before they drive off.

The Sheriff’s Department and the Rancho Cordova police are still looking for suspects in the two incidents, which they believe are connected.

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