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Wild Video Shows Multi-Person Brawl at a Bath & Body Works Location


Video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows a customer brawling with a Bath & Body Works employee, in an incident that quickly escalated to a melee. The woman who said she recorded it tweeted that this happened at the Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona. She maintained it was the customer’s fault due to actions not caught on footage.

“IT ALL STARTED BECAUSE… white lady was standing too close to another customer (not shown) & they started arguing,” wrote the impromptu, intrepid reporter. “BBW employees tried to de-escalate but the white lady wouldn’t leave so that’s where the video picks up.”

She wrote, “The other customer was a black queen who didn’t involve herself at all in the madness.”

As seen on video, a female Bath & Body Works employee shoved the customer who was wearing black and white. They scrapped for barely a second before another employee swooped in, dragging the customer down. Other customers and employees intervened. A melee ensued, with that second employee brawling with a woman who was wearing a black tube top. That staffer’s phone fell out of her pocket, and the camerawoman picked it up.

A male employee separated the second employee and the woman in the black tube top.

“Out now!” he told the woman in the tube top, before turning to the woman wearing black and white. He told her to leave too.

It’s apparent from the footage that employees collectively blamed the woman wearing black and white. One of them said she had told her to leave.

“She attacked me,” said the customer in black and white.

“You shoved her,” countered the male employee.

L Brands, which owns Bath & Body Works, did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

[Screengrab via Genevieve / @gendenslow]

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