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‘What the F***?’: Chaos Ensues When SUV Plows Through Chicago-Area Mall (VIDEO)


An SUV was seen plowing through a Chicago mall on Friday. It was caught on video. One man summed it up thusly, “Yo, this is not happening now. What the fuck?”


Chaos ensued as the driver rolled past a Forever 21 and continued through the building. A woman can be heard telling this individual to stop. Safe to say, the sound you hear is, at best, signifying a lot of property damage.

The incident happened at the Chicago-area Woodfield Mall, in the village of Schaumburg. Another Twitter user showed that police responded to the scene. The driver allegedly plowed through a Sears.

Police said they had an individual in custody, and added there was no evidence of a shooter, according to The Chicago Tribune. The incident was originally reported as possibly involving an active shooter.

No injuries were reported as of Friday afternoon.

ABC Chicago confirmed that there’s damage to the front of the local Sears. Lateef Farooqui told the outlet the vehicle drove into the mall through the Sears.

“As he went past that point everybody started running, saying ‘shooter, shooter,’ or ‘bomb,’ just panic,” he said. He said he didn’t know if the driver was targeting a specific store, but said the Forever 21 was the “most obvious one.” He described it as a pinball.

[Screengrab via Twitter user @nipsfalloff]

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