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Weirdo Dressed in TV Head Dumps 50+ Old School TVs on Doorsteps (WATCH)


We at Law&Crime love, love, love free televisions. The more, the better. We also still harbor nostalgia for the CRTs of our youths. Good stuff. So, we’re pretty bummed (?) we weren’t in Virginia for a supremely weird incident. At least one individual wearing a TV head was seen on surveillance footage leaving dozens of old fashioned television sets on front porches in Henrico County, Virginia.


Residents discovered the items morning.

“I thought my son brought it home, but apparently not,” local man Michael Kroll told WTVR. “I think it’s just a prank.”

Kroll said he saw a TV on his doorstep when he was letting his dogs outside the house. Over 50 TVs were apparently left for confused residences of the Hampshire neighborhood. Surveillance footage shows an individual with a big-ass TV head leaving TVs on doorsteps.

This isn’t even the first time something like this has happened in the county. Over 20 old fashioned TV were left on people’s doorsteps in August of last year. It weirded out residents.

“Apparently down the road they have lots of TVs delivered to their houses,” said resident Robyn Schorr. “People were calling them Trojan horses saying ‘Don’t put them inside your house. Who knows what can happen.'”

Hampshire residents are no less confused by the new incident.

“I can’t think of any technology or political point that would be valid here,” said Jim Brooksbank. “It’s just a senseless prank.”

Police removed the TVs. The individual remains unidentified. Cops suggest this incident could constitute illegal dumping.

[Screen grab via WTVR.]

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