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‘We Live in America’: Maskless Woman Throws Epic Fit at Supermarket (WATCH)


Welcome to Long Island! Please bring your masks.

A woman was caught on cell phone footage throwing a major fit at a supermarket. The video went viral on the Twitter account of user @davenewworld_2, who said the incident happened at a King Kullen in Massapequa, New York. It is unclear when the incident happened, but uh, it’s pretty clear this was from this year.

Video showed the woman arguing with another individual off-screen. That second person was an employee of the supermarket, judging by context. They were arguing about her mask, or lack thereof.

“Are you kidding me?” said the woman off-screen. “We live in America. Don’t give me this communist crap.”

“Seriously,” said the employee off-screen. “Because I asked you to put your mask on.”

“My mask was on!” said the woman.

“It’s wasn’t on,” said the employee.

“My mask was on!” said the woman.

The employee told the woman to get out of her face.

“Shut the fuck up, you fat bitch,” said the woman. A man arrived at the scene. It is at this point that the woman in question appeared on the screen. She did not seem to be wearing a mask.

“You’re a fat fuck. That’s why you work in a supermarket,” said the woman. “That’s why you work in a supermarket, you dumb fuck.”

She threatened to “beat the fucking shit” out of the employee.

“Don’t pull your communist crap on me,” said the woman. “Don’t pull your communist bullshit on me. I’ll fucking beat the shit out of you right here in the fucking–” And then the video ended.

The supermarket issued a statement to Law&Crime.

“King Kullen is following guidelines put forth by New York State,” they said. “King Kullen requires that all shoppers, staff and vendors wear proper coverings over their nose and mouth while in our stores. For the safety and health of all, we sincerely hope unfortunate encounters such as depicted in the video are avoided.”

Update – August 10, 2020, 10:34 a.m.: We added a statement from the supermarket.

[Screengrab via @davenewworld_2]

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