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Video Shows Officer Kicking Woman Who Was Sitting on Ground and Covering Her Face


Video posted online shows what seems to be a police officer kicking over a woman who was sitting on the ground and covering her face and torso with her arms.

User @the7goonies said this happened at about 10 p.m. on Saturday in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“For those of you who still need proof of this happening last night: AGAIN, the point of this post was the police officer taking unnecessary action against a defenseless human being,” he wrote. “If she was in the wrong, other actions could have been done.”

The City of Erie, PA Police Department didn’t immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

The footage is circulating online.

“There are ‘experts’ who will testify solemnly that this is a ‘precise tactical compliance strike’ and within force guidelines,” Attorney Ken White wrote, voicing disdain.

Monday sparked the fuse leading to current events. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on the neck of George Floyd during an arrest. As seen on video, Floyd called out, pleading with the cop to get off him. He soon became unresponsive, and officials dragged his limp body onto a gurney. Floyd was later declared dead. Now Chauvin has been fired, and charged with both third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. Prosecutors say he kept kneeling for two minutes and 53 seconds after Floyd became unresponsive.

The alleged homicide sparked protests nationwide. Erie, Pennsylvania was no exception. Things were initially described as peaceful. Things devolved.

“The peaceful protest in downtown Erie has turned into a riot,” local police said. “The situation has escalated, and we are in a state of emergency. Do not go downtown. We ask all residents to please stay in your homes while our Erie Police Officers try to calm the situation and disperse the crowd.”

[Screengrab via @the7goonies on Twitter]

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