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Two Women Brawled at New York Airport Like No One Was Watching, Causing Flight Delay (VIDEO)


A camera was rolling as two young women decided to brawl in a boarding gate at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, New York on Sunday. Video showed the inexplicable melee unfolding on the ground as flight attendants watched from a distance and a growing crowd looked on in disbelief.

Gate D9 was the scene of the fight. While other passengers were interested in boarding a Delta flight to Atlanta, two unidentified women—who are believed to be related—started fighting as if no one else was watching.

In the video, you can hear one employee reporting the fight and asking for Port Authority’s assistance. The consensus view of bystanders was all but summed up by one dumbfounded witness who spoke off-camera: “What?”

Eventually, someone recognized that an individual named Aaliyah was fighting. Moments later, a man and a woman stormed down the hallway to break up the fight.

Destiny Davis, who filmed the video of the incident, said the brawl caused significant delays.

“They led them out in a peaceful manner but the plane was delayed by almost 30-40 minutes and we had to wait for them to find the luggage of the two passengers before leaving,” Davis told Storyful. She believed that the women were “either cousins or sisters.”

Davis said there wasn’t much intervention during the fight, adding that “police took a while to show up to our gate.” It’s unclear what sparked the fight.

[Image via Twitter screengrab/Destiny Davis]

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