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Two Men Rough Up ‘Kid,’ Attempt to Shove Him Off Train Over Loud Music (VIDEO)


Two men were caught on video Thursday night roughing up what seems to be a much younger guy, and attempting to shove him off a light-trail train. Meanwhile, bystanders pleaded with them to stop.

This footage came from a witness at the scene, according to independent reporter Anna Sterling.

“He’s a kid!” says a woman in the video.

“That’s fine,” says an adult man. He has the young person in a headlock against a train seat. “Tell him to stop.”

A person at the scene says the man needs to relax. Another statement suggests that the fight started over music.

Another video shows this first man and a second one attempting to shove the young person off the train.

“Get the fuck out of here,” says the first man. He and the second man shove the young person against the closed door of the train, and he knees him.

At the end of the video, a woman tells the men to leave the young person alone.

Law&Crime reached out to San Francisco police to learn more about what happened. They were pretty circumspect in their emailed statement. Police confirmed that they got several calls Thursday night about an assault happening on a MUNI light-rail train in the area of Judah St. and 34th Ave.

They mentioned that officers made contact with two adult men at the scene. Both admitted they got involved in a fight, or as the police put it, “a mutual physical altercation.” Cops noted that the men declined to press charges.

Police didn’t really go into detail about what happened in the cell phone footage, but they did mention a “third male subject” seen in the video. They didn’t find him. No arrests were made. No injures were reported.

Law&Crime asked police for a more detailed account of what the two adults told officers, but cops didn’t immediately respond Friday afternoon.

Whatever the case, they’re still investigating. Their statement mentioned that they asked the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for surveillance footage of the incident. This may show that happened before the incident depicted on cell phone video, police said.

[Screengrab via Anna Sterling]

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