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Two Men Killed Missing Woman Conzuelo ‘Nicole’ Solorio-Romero Because She ‘Knew Too Much’: Authorities


Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero

Two men who allegedly killed missing Utah woman Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero did it because she “knew too much,” according to charging documents obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune. They had been questioning her about what she told police regarding another individual, who had been taken into federal custody, authorities said.

Officials previously announced the arrests of Orlando Esiesa Tobar, 29, and Jorge Rafael Medina Reyes, 21, but did not detail the alleged motive. The body of Solorio-Romero, the 25-year-old who went missing from her home in Kearns, Utah, on February 6, has not been discovered.

Solorio-Romero sent a video that day to a friend, authorities now say, claiming that two men armed with guns were forcing her to leave home. According to charging papers, witnesses also said they saw a woman made to go into a car, and investigators said surveillance video showed Tobar making her get inside. The suspects allegedly took Solorio-Romero to an apartment, where witnesses claimed to see Tobar holding to a knife to her neck.

Court papers depict the men interrogating Solorio-Romero, with Tobar having Reyes stand behind the victim. Tobar allegedly asked her what she told cops regarding a case which ended with federal authorities taking a “close” associate of his into custody. Authorities say Solorio-Romero denied speaking to cops, but as the documents paraphrased it, Tobar allegedly said she “knew too much” and she was not going to leave the apartment.

Court papers cited by local broadcaster KUTV provide a glimpse at what the woman knew: Solerio-Romero allegedly told one of the witnesses that “her husband did not commit suicide as the witness believed, but was murdered by these two (Tobar and Medina-Reyes).”

Tobar allegedly moved his head. Reyes shot Solorio-Romero in the back of hers, authorities said. Authorities have not identified a third individual, described only as “the Mechanic,” whom they claimed helped Tobar and Reyes get rid of the body.

As previously reported, Reyes allegedly feigned ignorance about the case, saying he was at a home and only knew of Solorio-Romero from the news about her disappearance. Tobar allegedly said she was with him and Reyes, but she joined them willingly. Tobar said he stepped away while the two were arguing, and then he heard a gunshot, according to court papers.

Now authorities alleged that the men lied and both served as active participants in the murder.

[Image via Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake]

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