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Trump Supporter Allegedly Sprayed Bear Repellent on Protesters (VIDEO)


Police in California say a man sprayed other people with bear repellent at an event on Saturday afternoon at the Santa Monica Pier, according to The Los Angeles Times. Video purportedly of the event shows a man in a red “Make America Great Again” hat using a spray at the confrontation. At least one witness at the incident described this as “pepper spray.”

Santa Monica police Sgt. D. Hicks¬†declined to identify the defendant by name to the¬†Times, saying he wasn’t authorized to do so. He did describe him as a 33-year-old local with a “fairly extensive” criminal history. The defendant was being held Sunday on suspicion of violating the terms of parole, Hicks said. This prior conviction was a weapons case, according to police.

In the video, the apparent defendant was in a blue shirt, jeans, a red MAGA hat, and sunglasses. A confrontation allegedly broke out involving other people. The man in the MAGA hat pulled out a canister of some fluid, and sprayed it on other people.

“Oh shit!” said a person on tape.

After the initial volley, the man in the MAGA hat ran up to someone who was on the ground, and sprayed them directly with the canister.

This individual can be seen arguing with cops. He construed this incident as self-defense.

“We got attacked!” he said. He described the anti-Trump protesters as “libtards” and “commies.” He insisted that he “didn’t do anything.”

Cops didn’t see it like that. They handcuffed him, to the cheers of some onlookers.

[Screengrab via Be Less Stupid]

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