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This Is Why Rosenbaum Murder Trial Deliberations Had to Start All Over Again


We at Law&Crime have seen our share of lightning-fast deliberations. The murder trial of Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum isn’t going to be one of them. Jurors were already two days into making their decision when the judge switched one of them out for an alternate. As a result, jurors have to start all over from the beginning.

This development stems from something that happened Tuesday. A reporter approached one of the jurors during lunch, and tried to question him.

The defense filed for a mistrial on Wednesday. They argued that media outlets have been relaying false information, and that coverage of the case was visible to jurors. They even complained about coverage on the Law&Crime Network.

The state insisted, however, that there’s no indication that jurors saw any of pretrial publicity or anything during the trial. They emphasized that the juror in question self-reported. The juror said nothing substantive was discussed with the reporter.

The judge’s remedy was to remove the juror from deliberations and have him serve as an alternate.

The Rosenbaums are on trial for the alleged murder of their 2-year-old foster daughter Laila Marie Daniel. Their team said the girl choked on a piece of chicken, and sustained a serious, but accidental, injury when Jennifer Rosenbaum attempted resuscitation. Prosecutors argue, however, that the girl clearly sustained injuries all over her body, and that some of these injuries were clearly older in origin. This girl was physically abused and died as a result of this maltreatment, they said.

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