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Texas Woman Alexis Sharkey, Found Dead on Side of the Road in November, Was Strangled to Death: Autopsy


Alexis Sharkey

Someone killed 26-year-old Texas woman Alexis Sharkey, according to new autopsy results from the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. Online records viewed by Law&Crime show that Sharkey’s death was determined to be a homicide by strangulation.

Sharkey (maiden name Alexis Leigh Robinault) had been found dead and nude at the side of the road on Nov. 28, in a spot running alongside Interstate 10. This news about the homicide confirms the long-held skepticism from Sharkey’s mother Stacey Clark Robinault, who suggested there was “absolutely foul play” in the case.

“The way in which she was found, my child would never do that to herself,” she told Click 2 Houston in a Nov. 30 report.

It turns out that the medical examiner’s finding confirms her suspicions, but cops are not saying much. Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon told Law&Crime Wednesday that the homicide investigation is ongoing, that there were no arrests or charges at this time, and that any updates would go on Twitter.

This leaves no public indication about whom authorities think could be responsible, or whether there is hard evidence to point to any suspect.

Three friends of Alexis–Lauren BreauxAlly Cale, and Courtney Ehninger—told KJRK-TV last year that Sharkey had been worried for her well-being in the time before her death. They declined to elaborate on the source of this fear, saying they did not want to undermine the investigation.

Sharkey’s husband Tom Sharkey told local news that when he last saw his wife, he told her not to drive under the influence. He said their marriage was happy, but that his wife was unhappy and stressed.

“I would cuddle her to try to make her strong,” he said. “She was an amazing woman. Sir, my wife was an amazing woman. She really was. There’s always other sides to everything. I was the one holding her, cuddling her, and building her back up.”

Alexis Sharkey was best known for her Instagram presence, though her sister pushed back on the term “influencer.”

“Throw it away,” Toni Robinault told ABC 13. “She actually hated that word. She wasn’t an ‘influencer.’ She was a businesswoman.”

“Honestly, I know it’s the way she’s being spoken about … that she was an ‘influencer,’ but I feel like she would have honestly hated that title so much. She wasn’t trying to influence anything. She was a smart, savvy, successful businesswoman. That’s how I want everyone to remember her,” she added.

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