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Suspected Drunk Driver Tries Cartwheels During Sobriety Test … It Doesn’t Go Well (WATCH)


A woman who was pulled over for drunk driving in New Mexico got a little creative when an officer instructed her to walk a straight line for a field sobriety test. Bryelle Marshall ignored the cop’s repeated demands to walk down the sidewalk, and wouldn’t even face the right direction. You can imagine the officer’s surprise when Marshall then executed a near-perfect cartwheel. He was not impressed.

After the bizarre feat, the officer continued to encourage her to simply walk a straight line instead of tumble down one, and she still wouldn’t. Instead she attempted a second cartwheel, and this one didn’t go as well, with Marshall winding up on the ground.

She later got into cartwheel position again, while the officer was in front of her. The cop warned her not to do it again, and that if she hit him, he’d charge her with battery. You can guess what happened next.

The third cartwheel was the last straw, especially since Marshall appeared to collide with the officer. He arrested her, saying that he was taking her decision to cartwheel instead of walking a straight line as a refusal to perform the test.

Marshall was originally reported to police as driving recklessly, and when officers found her, she was asleep behind the wheel, according to NBC News. Her license plate was also allegedly expired. She was charged with aggravated DWI, battery, and having an expired license plate.

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