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Store Clerk Taunts, Scares Off Armed Robber with Knife (WATCH)


A store clerk in England refused to get robbed. She was working a night shift on Nov. 8 at The Mini Market in the town of Tiverton. That’s when a robber tried to hold up the store. It didn’t work.

As seen on video, an individual, his back to the camera, apparently demands cash from a store clerk identified as Lorraine McCalliskey, 36. This woman seems to comply, looking down at the counter. Then she suddenly whipped out an object, and stands menacingly. The apparent robber sprints off.

McCalliskey said the robber had a knife, and was close enough to stab her.

“I went to the cash register and under the register is where we have a small packing knife for stationery,” she said, according to the British South West News Service. “I pulled it out and said, ‘Come on then, let’s have a go if you want to have a go.'”

She said she followed the man out of the store, cursing him out, but he escaped.

“I felt absolutely fine afterwards,” McCalliskey said. “The police told me later to get myself a stiff drink and calm down but I thought I was calm.”

A suspect has not been identified, and the police continue to investigate. Alizon Martin, who owns The Mini Market, said she had never seen anything like this in her thirty year history with the shop. She praised McCalliskey’s bravery.

[Screengrab via SWNS]

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