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Some Guy Ran Onto the Field with His Butt Hanging Out During Super Bowl (VIDEO)


A man ran onto the field during the Super Bowl on Sunday night in Tampa, Florida. There he was, wearing some kind of pink leotard thing, with his black shorts down past his buttocks.

This image ambushed us on our Twitter timeline.

Breaking news: Stadium security tends to hate it when random people get onto the field. The guards at Raymond James Stadium were no exception. Footage shows a couple of them running after the individual. The half-naked fellow threaded the needle, weaving his way past both men. He goes down the 20. The 10. Will he–go–all–the–way?

A big ol’ linebacker guard ran up from his left. The random guy slid to mitigate contact. His body made it to the end zone. Sadly, refs called it at the 1-yard line.

The man’s identity remains unclear. The long-term legal ramifications remain unclear. You can totally be charged for running onto a field.

Here’s another angle of the incident if that’s something you want to look at.

In other news, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. The story of the day is less that the team won their second-ever “big game” after years of struggling, and more that quarterback Tom Brady won his 7th in just his first season down there.

[Image via @_EmmanuelMorgan]

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