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Sledgehammer-Wielding Man Smashes Escaping SUV, Hits Passenger and Gets Away (WATCH)


A sledgehammer-wielding man was caught on surveillance video smashing the heck out of an escaping SUV in Philadelphia, and he was even seen hitting the passenger.

You’d think the victims would at least file a police report. Actually, no. Local cops said that they haven’t been contacted by anyone allegedly involved.

“Most victims of crimes self-report if they are capable of doing it,” Philadelphia Police Spokesperson Captain Sekou Kinebrew said in an WPVI report from Wednesday afternoon. “If they are not able to, we’ll get third-party reports, but if they’re not incapacitated typically it’s the victim that self-reports.”

This incident reportedly started when a red pickup truck started tailing a gray SUV. Footage shows vehicles coming to a stop in a parking lot. A truck driver, then steps out of his vehicle, armed with a sledgehammer. He goes goes to town on the driver’s side door of the SUV. The passenger can be seen hanging out his door as the vehicle attempts an escape. As described in the WPVI story, he falls out.

The SUV comes to a brief stop at the edge of the footage. At this point, Mr. Sledgehammer can be seen hitting the passenger on the back, but this victim is able to escape into the gray vehicle. Finally, the man can be seen smashing out the rear window of the SUV before it makes its final getaway.

Have fun estimating the repair bill on this.

Cops said they couldn’t make out the license plate numbers on either vehicle. Kinebrew said police are looking for assistance from anyone who recognizes the people involved, “primarily the person who committed the act.”

So, to recap: No one involved has been identified. Cops can’t make out the license plate. Even the victims haven’t spoken publicly about this. Sounds like a mystery to us. WPVI did talk to a witness about it, though. According to this person, the attacker said something like “stop cheating with my girlfriend.”

[Screengrab via WPVI]

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