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Serial Killer’s Chilling and Cheerful Confession on Podcast Leads to Search for Possible Location of Victim



Bones recovered at the scene are going to be analyzed by the Illinois State Police that were found after a serial killer gave a chilling interview on a podcast.

Phil Chalmers, who interviewed the inmate, will be joining Charles & Cricket tomorrow morning on Classic Country 100.1 WGLC

Posted by WGLC 100.1 FM on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A serial killer’s cheerful confession on a podcast has sparked a search for the possible location of a victim.

“You ain’t going to find no body,” confessed murderer Dellmus Charles Colvin told interviewer Phil Chalmers in an August 26 episode of Where the Bodies Are Buried. “You’re going to find some remains. There ain’t nothing there but remains.”

He claimed to have met a woman at a truck stop in LaSalle County, Illinois. Colvin said he strangled her to death, and dumped the body in the woods by a truck wash. He gave the location where he claimed to put the victim’s body.

The inmate, who dodged law enforcement for years because of his job as a truck driver, said he dumped the woman’s clothes in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Colvin declined to give the locations of murders in death penalty states.

LaSalle County authorities are looking into the purported location, and found bones along May Road, according to WALLS 102. As part of the investigation, they found two bones of unclear origin. Illinois State Police will analysis these findings, Sheriff Tom Templeton said.

Colvin remains in Lebanon Correctional Institution on a life sentence, after pleading guilty in 2006. He gave the locations of some victims in return for prosecutors not seeking the death penalty. Authorities have definitively linked him to the murders of seven women: Valerie Jones, 38, Jackie Simpson, 33, Lily Summers, 43, Jacquelynn Thomas, 42, Melissa Weber, 37, Dorothea Wetzel, 40, and Donna Lee White, 27, according to Patch.

In the podcast, he said he never counted the actual number of murder victims, though he estimated the number was 47 to 52.

The inmate cheerfully recounted how he had a stable childhood and that the first woman he wanted to kill was his stepmother. He said that he killed out of “pleasure” as opposed to sex, denied having sex with corpses, and sometimes laughed. He said he once picked up a phone call from his mother while killing a woman, and said he had no regrets about what he did.

“I always slept well at night,” he said.

While narrating the interview, Chalmers wondered aloud why Colvin decided to talk to him, especially after they had “exchanged some pretty nasty letters.” He suggested that the serial killer wanted something about of this.

“They are psychopaths, so they don’t talk to anybody for no reason,” he said.

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