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Police Think They Found Body of Woman Who Disappeared After Supposed Tinder Date


After weeks of searching, investigators believe they’ve found the body of missing Nebraska woman Sydney Loofe, 24. They think it might have been foul play. No one has been charged, although authorities found two persons of interest who released a bizarre Facebook video last week.

At a press conference Tuesday, FBI Special Agent in Charge Randall Thysse said authorities discovered the body in Clay County on Monday. They think this belongs to Loofe, but they couldn’t provide a 100 percent confirmation, pending the results of forensic analysis.

The investigation is ongoing, so Lincoln Police Department Jeff Bliemeister was vague when asked who discovered the body, and how. He only referenced “digital evidence,” and on-the-ground searching by law enforcement. Citing the forensic analysis and a forthcoming, unscheduled autopsy, he declined to answer a reporter’s question about what happened to the body, and how long it was there. Bliemeister said it was discovered in an “open area,” but he didn’t give an exact location. Investigators think there is evidence of foul play, he announced.

No charges have been filed, but Aubrey C. Trail, 51, and Bailey M. Boswell, 23, remain persons of interest in the investigation. The pair, who have warrants out on unrelated charges, were contacted by authorities last week after releasing a bizarre Facebook video, in which they said the police was smearing them by calling them persons of interest. Both are in custody, but Bliemeister and other authorities were vague about the pair’s involvement in this investigation.

A reporter asked if the duo was cooperating.

“We’re continuing to speak with Aubrey Trail, and we’ll continue to do so as long as he’s willing to do that,” Bliemeister said in a slowly spoken, carefully worded statement.

Boswell claimed in the video that she went on two Tinder dates with Loffee before the disappearance on Nov. 16, but committed no wrongdoing. Cops are vetting her story. Neither she nor Trail have been charged in Loffee’s death. Bliemeister said authorities do not believe there’s an ongoing threat to the public in connection to this investigation.

He explained they made the announcement about the body because they wanted to make a timely notification to Loofe’s family.

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