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Police Search of Fotis Dulos Home Reportedly Turns Up Nothing Leading to Jennifer Dulos


The new search of murder defendant Fotis Dulos’s home apparently didn’t lead investigators to his alleged victim. Law enforcement sources said police didn’t find evidence leading to his estranged wife Jennifer Farber Dulos, according to The Hartford Courant.

They reportedly did find a note in which Fotis Dulos–who was found unresponsive at the residence after an apparent suicide attempt–maintained he was innocent of his wife’s presumed death, and that his attorneys had proof he’s innocent. Then again, you probably didn’t need to read a story from a background source to see that point of view. He and his defense have been asserting his innocence for months.

Police publicly said that the execution of the search warrant was in connection to the murder investigation. They insist they can’t talk about it because of a gag order on the case.

Jennifer Dulos, a New Canaan resident and mother of five, went missing last May 24 amid an ugly divorce from her husband. She hasn’t been found. Authorities recently charged Fotis Dulos for murder, arguing that they have enough proof that victim is dead and he killed her. Jennifer Dulos’s body, however, has not been found.

Officers said the defendant tried to die by suicide before a scheduled bond hearing on Tuesday: He allegedly went to his garbage, and ran a vacuum hose from the tail pipe of his Chevy Suburban into the interior. He was found unconscious, and diagnosed witth carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dulos was brought to the Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx for treatment, and was in critical condition. Some report that condition as “dire.” The precise, long-term effect this incident had on his body remains publicly unclear.

Dulos was facing a small barrage of bail problems leading up to the apparent suicide attempt. He was on GPS monitoring and could only leave home for work, legal appointments, medical issues, and church. Well, he got in trouble after the judge determined he removed items from a memorial honoring Jennifer Dulos. The defendant remained free, but with a stern rebuke from the judge, and tighter release conditions. The company that secured his $6 million bond soon voiced concerns about the properties he used as collateral. For example, that Farmington home was subject to foreclosure.

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