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Officer Somehow Survives After Stopped Driver Suddenly Heads for the Highway (VIDEO)


We at Law&Crime have seen our fair share of “Holy Sh*t” moments. This story more than qualifies. As seen in the video above, a police officer in Georgia hung onto a fleeing motorist’s vehicle. That cop managed to hang on for dear life as the driver headed for the highway. Eventually, the officer hit the pavement.

First off: He’s not dead, according to the department. Quite the opposite. The officer, identified as Nathan Daley, got treatment at a hospital, was released hours later, and is at home, cops said in an update on Friday.

“We are confident he will make a full recovery,” said Dunwoody Police Spokesman Sgt. Robert Parsons in the video above.

Authorities say that officers pulled over a man, Derric Simpson, because he was using a handheld device while driving. This suspect pulled over, but during the stop, put his vehicle into gear and stepped on the gas, Parsons said. Daley reached into the vehicle to stop Simpson, but was dragged off, trapped on the car, video shows.

One heck of a chase ensued between the suspect and the other officer. Parsons said that Daley hit another vehicle as Simpson entered the entrance ramp of Interstate 285.

As described by the sergeant, Simpson swerved to the left into a white van. Daley flew off and hit the pavement. What happened next was not clear. Daley pretty much flew of the vehicle right in front of a white van.

We repeat Sgt. Parsons’ statement: “We are confident he will make a full recovery.”

Here is Daley, who is very much alive:

“Everyone, it doesn’t–well, it does look as bad as it feels,” he said in a videotaped statement. Daley said he would recover 10 times stronger.

“I accept donations in the form of sweets, cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes with sprinkles, vanilla, or red velvet,” he said.

Anyway, police said Simpson got into a multi-vehicle crash. He stopped at the side of the interstate, and fled on foot toward the woods, said Parsons. This didn’t last. An officer caught him, police said.

Simpson faces charges including aggravated assault. It’s unclear if he has an attorney in this matter.

[Screengrab via Dunwoody Police Department]

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